Our Team

For the execution of the different activities and services, AMBIENTE TIERRA counts with a portfolio of professionals with diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise. AMBIENTE TIERRA is represented and permanently supported by four professionals with vast experience in different fields of natural resource management:

Osvaldo Corella (Vicepresident)

Forest Engineer graduated from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica - ITCR) and with a Master Degree in Tropical Sciences from CATIE Education center (www.catie.ac.cr), expert in Geographic Information System (GIS). Osvaldo Corella counts with a large experience in the management of GIS tools such as ArcView, Erdas Image, ENVI, ArcMap, MapInfo, IDRISI, Surfer, Terramodel, TerraSync y GPS Pathfinder Office. His experience includes the manipulation and analysis of aerial images (orthophotos and satellite images). At present, Osvaldo Corella assists different multinational companies dedicated to the reforestation in Central America. His main activities as external assessor  of the GIS department are the collection and processing of field information, the elaboration of Landuse Maps, maps of sell able areas, the establishment of the plot system for the sell able areas (division of the sell able areas in plots of specific size and shape), supporting member of the division for the evaluation of new lands as well as for the evaluation of new forest projects of acquisition interest for the company. Osvaldo  Corella has gain a well-known reputation in the forestry sector of Costa Rica due to his contributions to forest projects directed by the National Fund for Forest Finance (FONAFIFO) of Costa Rica, the ITCR (forest university of Costa Rica), by the Cooperation Agency for Africa and Latin America (ACRA), and by the IUCN (The World Conservation Union). Osvaldo Corella leads the GIS & Research Department of AMBIENTE TIERRA.

Diego Pérez (President)

Forest Engineer graduated from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica - ITCR) and holding a Ph.D. from the University of Helsinki, Diego Perez  specializes in stand dynamics of tropical forest species, with an  expertise in fast growing and intensive managed forest species. Diego Perez has carried out several studies in the area of plantation forest management that include biomass and carbon quantification, total and merchantable volume equations, wood quality, thinning and pruning programs, competition indices, and stand growth scenarios.

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